Monday, May 21, 2012

How Can You

How could anyone possibly bully someone and then say they love them? The answer to this is very, very simple.  There is no way to love or to be loved by a bully.  It makes no difference how or why the bully practices her craft, she who bullies is not capable of loving anyone except herself.

So why would my child continue to stay in a relationship where bullying is norm?

Without Demands

True love should have no demands, such as is the case with my child.  If you truly love someone and they truly return your gift there should be no reason to make demands, control, bully, threaten or bully your love.  Did I bully twice?  Maybe because it is the most telling word in any relationship.

 How can you.........

No So For My Child

One of the most important lessons a person should pass onto their children is how to love and be loved.  More importantly when to recognize that the person we love is not truly returning the gift that is being shared, love.

Everyone on earth deserves to go through life being genuinely loved.  We are first loved by our parents, grandparents and eventually siblings.  But as we reach adulthood we go in search of that one special person with whom we hope to share a very special kind of love.  This love needs to be given and returned freely.

Without demands......

In Keeping

In keeping with my last post I need to add, yes need rather than simply add, my frustrations with my child's romance situation or lack thereof.

For me life without true romance is not worth living.  It is what drives me each and every day, you know the little things we do for the one who is the romance in our lives.  Maybe it's the little extra sweet I toss in his lunch bag, the dinner I have planned for the evening or just the time waiting for him to get home from work.  It's never ever about money or heaping material possessions on me or spoiling me on special events such as birthdays.  It's those shared quiet moments and just knowing we love each other that is the romance.

Not so for my child......

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Grow Romance

From the very first minute I knew I was in love all I could think about was him.  What was his favorite color, movie, food, music, it was his happiness that was my goal.  In making him happy I felt happy too.  This is how you grow a romance and keep it alive for thirty eight years and counting.

But for my child life is much, much different and it saddens me daily.


Romance has asolutely nothing to do with the material things we possess or the money in our bank accounts, you see even the poorest of poor can havea great romance.  I know becuase my parents had a great romance and they struggled to keep four children fed.  No, it's not about money.

It's not about getting your way, making demands, expectations or pouting.  These are the very things that destroy romance.

How to grow romance...

Much To My Frustration

Much to my frustration it appears that my child is doomed to live out his life without ever getting to experience what a true romance is about.  Oh, he's not so different from his peers and today's definition of romance, love and marriage but he is missing out on the one gift we not only receive throughout our lives but also give.

Why you may ask?